About us

New Year Transaction Company Ltd (NYTC) is a Nigerian registered company with over half a decade of combined experience and business history.

Our company combines a property development business with 17 years history, with enterprise and business development expertise spanning over 50 years.

The Enterprise development section was founded by Dr Ita D. Ekpott in 1987. Dr Ekpott was a foremost business leader with decades of corporate and private sector experience. Since its founding, the institute has been involved in training and consulting for thousands of business owners, ranging from big business to small and medium enterprise owners. The Institute has also trained traditional rulers, community members, religious institutions and others.

The institute runs Ododuma secondary school in Itam, Nigeria. The school has for over forty years has given secondary school (high school) level education to thousands of kids.

In 2002 Dr Ekpott’s children and a few partners founded New Year Trading Company, a logistics section of the business which grew into property development in 2011 and the name was changed to New year Transaction Company Ltd.

The property development business operation has spun off several enterprises such as manufacturing, logistics, and others.

In 2016, after Dr Ekpott’s passing to eternity, his children stepped up and took the business forward by merging his enterprise development operation with the property development operation.

NYTC continues to be positioned to expand on its vision to shine a light, develop communities through providing quality services to its customers.