We are property developers. We also invest in skills development and small and medium enterprise development. We have over fifty years of combined business experience, which places us at a vantage. Over the years we have successfully served thousands of clients.

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Our Services

Property development

Affordable, quality housing units built to ensure that owners get the best value for their money. Our estates are great places to live in.

Enterprise development

Consulting services to small and medium enterprises to gain knowledge, funding and other resources needed to start and grow.

We open doors of opportunity to entrepreneurs and business owners. We enable and empower them to grow their businesses and create wealth. We connect them with in-house and external business development programs touching learning, funding, skills etc.

Some of our property development projects

We can build either with hydraform bricks or the regular cement blocks. We promote hydraform bricks due to its unique features such as cost advantage, fire proof, temperature regulation and ease of maintenance. Talk to us to learn more.

Institute of Work and Society

The Institute of Work and Society(IWS) was founded in 1987 in Uyo, Nigeria by Dr Ita D. Ekpott for the purpose of investing in developing enterprise culture and work ethics in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria.  I.W.S. offers online training programs and business support for entrepreneurs. The online learning programs are practical and applicable to local needs. Read more

Affordable office space

Sign up to enjoy affordable office space solutions at our Co- working space which comes complete with Wifi, standby power and security.

Some of our other products

We service the building industry. talk to us about your building and home lifestyle improvement needs.